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Principal Name
S Prathap Naidu
SGPTA Comp PU College, Thygarajanagar, Bangalore - 560028

Education is the kindling of the flame and not filling the vessel”-Socrates.Our institution SGPTA has been striving for excellence in education for the past 25 years. We believe in the holistic development of the child and hence we follow a blend of both traditional and modern pedagogy to suit the changing times. Our teaching methods and the congenial environment provided to the students ignites their minds taking them beyond the boundaries of conventional Pre University syllabus oriented learning.

We have strong commitment towards the society and take pride in developing responsible citizens. The care we provide through a mentoring system and the values we instill in our children transform them to confident youngsters ready to face any challenge in the real world.

Our students and their families are our ambassadors. Our alumni speak volumes of our vision in building a strong, disciplined, well equipped youth who are well poised to shape the future of this nation.

We draw our inspiration from our management comprising of a guild of visionaries who have been steadfast in their support. We owe our success to a highly qualified,trained and motivated group of teachers.

We sincerely thank all those who have been with us in our journey of growing and moulding ourselves to impart a remarkable value based education.

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