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K Nagarajan

College has got a good name in the society. Excellent performance of the students is due to dedicated and devoted service and hard work of our teaching faculty. Administration very helpful to the students and public. Besides giving a good academic direction to the students the institution tries to impart value based quality education. Strength of the students in each class is restricted to 48-50. Emphasis is made to train the students for holistic overall development of personality and to prepare the students to face the challenges in life to make a good citizen of the country. Ample opportunities are given to the students to participate in sports, games and cultural activities. The college encourages the students to participate in various competitions conducted in other institutions and organizations. The college gives priority to inculcate good habits and emphasis is given to motivate the students to appreciate our Hindu culture and to prepare the mind to salute the nation. Every day prayer of goddess Saraswathi and Sharadamba is made by the students. Teachings of various leaders and religious gurus are made available to the students. College also provides opportunities to practice yoga and Dhyana. Our college has highly qualified dedicated teachers, spacious class rooms, well equipped library, laboratories, good sports playground, well equipped auditorium ( open space). Special lectures by experts in different fields are arranged.

Uniform dress code is imposed to create oneness and equality. Regular parents meeting and students counseling is made to provide information to the parents. Special coaching classes and remedial classes are held to help the students who are very weak in subjects.

The institution believes in following norms, ethics and code of conduct. The Institution has the best faculty members who offer best coaching and earliest evaluation to bring out the best students.

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