Very Important: Regarding II PUC English exam on 23.03.2020

March22, 2020
by Admin

Dear Principals,

Please note that only SSLC exam has been postponed. The II PUC English examination will be conducted on 23.03.2020 as per scheduled timetable.

In view of COVID-19, please ensure below points are strictly followed during the examination in all exam centres.

  1. Safe distance is maintained between students during entry into exam hall and in exam hall.
  2. Room numbers of students are displayed in multiple area (at least at 5-6 different places) to avoid crowd.
  3. Assure students do wash hands with water and sanitisers before entering the exam hall. Ensure sufficient water in buckets with hand sanitisers are available at different places in the premises of the exam centre.
  4. Ensure students do wash hands with water and sanitisers while exitting the exam centre.
  5. Make sure that safe distance is maintained when students are leaving the examination hall after the exam.
  6. Please do announce about hand sanitisation, availability of water and sanitisers, keeping safe distance several times before and after the examination.
  7. Entry, exit, sanitisation, keeping social distance of students are recorded and made available.

Please do ensure above guidelines are strictly followed, without any lapse with utmost importance.

Bangalore South

Urgent Notice