Regarding IPUC result update in SATS

May8, 2019
by Admin

I PUC Annual Examination – Jan/Feb 2019 result data of Bangalore South district has been imported directly into SATS from SuVidya. However due to few issues like subject/combination miss-match, unsupported features in SATS, etc., result for some students might have be ignored during the importing process. All principals are hereby advised to cross verify migrated student and result data by logging into SATS portal using your college credentials.

Please note following pointers during cross verification

  • All migrated student details are available in MIGRATED STUDENT REPORT menu. If there are any miss-match in number of students, language / subject combinations of students, please contact SATS helpline for rectification.
  • Students with missing/ignored result data are available in IPUC STUDENT RESULT menu. You can click on each student’s enrollment number and enter marks for that student. Once you enter marks for the student, the student details will be moved away into corrections menu.
  • As of now in SATS there is no provision for marking DIS (Discontinued), SAT (Shortage of Attendance) students.
  • Provision for repeater students and repeater’s marks entry is not yet available in SATS.
  • All imported result data is available in IPUC STUDENT RESULT CORRECTION menu. You can cross verify marks of any student by clicking on enrollment number of the student .

For any clarifications regarding SATS like missing student details, improper subject codes, invalid subject / combinations, please contact SATS helpline or get in touch with SATS support team using Help menu available after you login to SATS.