Regarding correction/re-printing of IPUC Annual Exam Marks cards

May9, 2019
by Admin

All principals are hereby informed to submit request/indent for reprinting of I PUC Annual Examination marks cards. Reprinting is allowed in case of spelling and other mistakes in Student name, father name, mother name, change in Date of Birth, or re-valuation / correction of marks. Please make sure to correct any spelling mistakes in names, date of birth by contacting SuVidya team prior to submitting re-print request.

Submit your request for reprint containing following details for each student along with the covering letter and cancelled marks cards (in case of corrections) to DDPU Office by 13-05-2019.

Required details for reprint:

  1. Annual Exam Register No of the Student
  2. Name of the Student
  3. Type of Corrections (Spelling correction in Name, Father name, Mother name, Date Of Birth, etc.,)

Note: No need to submit any indent in SuVidya for reprinting. You just need to draft a letter containing above student details, duly signed by the Principal.



Important Notice